End of the jam

Christmas came early!

The Jam finally ended and "Thirstiest Time of the Year" got:

  • 1st place in "BEST GAME by Host's choice"
  • 2nd place in "BEST THEME"
  • 3rd place in "BEST GAME by general ratings"

And all thanks to your attention and ratings! I want to thank you all again for your interest in it. This really means a lot to me. I really wasn't expecting this game would get so much views and attention.

 Now that the jam ended I will fix remaining bugs and glitches, but I don't plan on adding anything new. It's just a meme after all :D

I probably would move on with new games as I have much experience in both 2d and 3d games. But for now again

Thanks, and have fun!


ThirstiestTimeOfTheYear_0.0.2.rar 123 MB
Dec 18, 2018

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i mean... the answer is clear