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This was pretty funny. Cool looking house with some great detail. Ran very well and had superb animations. Fun game... :)

i cant open it :(

me nethir

It's a RAR file. Use WinRAR

winrar download ittttt

Looks like we gotta wait for the other year come

Better than I expected. 359/10.

Much shorter than we had expected, but at least they acknowledge it.

Hahaha this was worth every minute! 

hhfeiwf fiuewhfoiewfj wiefwefwefowen :D

how do i play it it only gives me the rar file

use winrar

I DON"T KNOW! DO I PROBALY NOT! GOSH THIS QUESTION IS SO, PRESSURING! UNBELIVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is a Mac version of the game possible/coming?

nope it wont come cuz Mac is stupid 

I was wanting to download this game because it was funny, but no offence, Even Battlefield V can run much smoother on some pcs like mine, here is soo laggy....


Wanna sprite cranberry?

Oh No please don't Do ThIs To Me Omg WhY LeBrOn JaMeS  ThIs Is CrAzY JuSt WhY WhEn WiLl It Be MuFfIn TiMe CaUsE I WaNnA DiE DiE DiEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Will there be an android port?

The thing is he has to ask permission cause he has copyrighted Grinch show in the game but he has to remove copyrighted stuff.

bro on android its hard to throw and other stuff

NO android 

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This game was so funny and scary too! Here is a link to my video! PS THERE ARE SOME BUGS PLEASE WATCH MY VIDEO

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Wanna sprite cranberry?

Wanna sprite cranberry?

Wanna sprite cranberry????

no thx

Deleted 1 year ago

Dude, its just archived file, it make it 123 Mb, not 200+ Mb. Also its on every windows version (i think). AND ALSO there is an app to unlock archives. Its a damn winRar and its 3 Mb's tho.

I have windows 10 too, how do you download it?

I have windows 10 too, but I use "WinRAR" :O ~gaassp

The game was fun tho needs a little product placement for one to record. It was fun tho a bit confusing as the doors can be glitched shut for some reason.

This was the last game I played.

11/10 My thirst has been quenched. What a mastapiece!


how do i play im serious

I've downloaded it, but how do I open it on Windows 10?

you need rar extractor software to extract files, or do it online

same thing happened to me


This was scary and hilarious!  Great job 


I'm just kidding XDD

Really awesome game, that fact that its a little weird makes it more scarier, I like the way Mr. cranbarry man looks, and I can't say anything else It's amazing really like It, thank you to the owner <33333 love it.

For some reason the moving of the camera was really reaaaally weird, ( no offense ) its actually probably just my computer.

Another thing i wanted to add onto that is that i got scared- ( LMAO ) then kept pressing exit and it wouldn't work. ( but then again, probably just my computer )

when I try to down load it, it goes to ascreen and when I try to open it with internet explorer nothing happens.

Its the most thirstiest time of the year!!!

Happy New Years!

I saw Dashie Played this and You forgot to put invisible walls in so the player doesn't fall off. 


Muy divertido pero no se porqué ese hombre venía a por nosotros.


I am not able to download it. When I click download why doesn't it pop up with the download?

It's a good game, can we get a game about doing surgeries on a grape?

A really funny but strange game. I had a good time playing it all things considered, but I also managed to break the game a fall through the world haha. I would say that this game at its core is a fun joke for the holidays that is worth playing for the laughs. If you want to see me fall through the world you can watch the video below.

I don't know what is going on in this game 😂 It's brilliant but my head is hurting .. why cranberries .. why is this guy in my house.. 

It is a decent game, although it nearly chashed my computer.

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Dosent workDosent work. .

Seems like you'll have to find another game that uses (Unity games) mono.dll I think, then copy it into the mono file

What do you mean by then copy it into the mono file?

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(The game)\Mono\EmbedRuntime EDIT: oh wait, the mono.dll is out there with the game....put it inside the file just as I told you (\Mono\EmbedRuntime)

I dont have that file i tried searching it but no results

create it then?

search visual c++ all in one on google and run it to install the visual c++ package this will install all of them so in the future if a game need one this wont happen

how do u download that game

HEY! I played your game for my channel :D

This was certainly something incredible.

This guy playing the game

The running animation and all-around model sent chills down my spine for some reason, it's hilarious

OMG i really think thats funny

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