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Play IT. It looks fun and simple from the outside, but on the inside... it's a good as$ game! I actually played the game a couple of times after recording it just to f*ck with Lebanon James. And FYI - when you leave the house, go the RIGHT to escape ;) 

Norboo, thank you. I will be waiting in my closet for your next game! Merry Christian day, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and fresh calender day! 

Watch if you dare!

Great game. Really interesting way to turn a meme into a game lol I wish Lebron was a better guest though lol 

gonnas guess falling off the map into the void isn't the objective

Great little memey fun game lol 

The only issue I had, which others have mentioned, is me having to restart everytime I died, hopefully thats fixed now...

Here's my playthrough >.<

This post on Reddit tho.

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This was the perfect game to make a video of for Christmas Eve. Thank you Le'brokah -- er, something like that. The only issue that really bothered me was the mouse completely disappearing after the title screen. I couldn't find any way to use menus after the first, so I ended up restarting the game whenever I died. Also the UI existing in the world is kind of odd. I was able to clip it in to objects and it really started going crazy when I jumped off the world. Anyways, bless this game with an extra large sprite cranberry.  Keep up the fresh work!

Thanks! I fixed the bug in the latest update. Couldn't do it early because it would be against the Jam's rules.

That's understandable. I'd say keep making some fresh meme games but I dont want to imply that's all you can do. Keep up the great work!

I want to make a second version of spirte cranberry meme but I'm worried about legal  issues

One of the games I played (second game)

My channel (opens in new tab)

Thanks for giving it a look!

Why would lebron do this to me!

Haha I liked the intro. Thanks for playing!

So I had a similar issue, unable to click anything after death, but I still enjoyed the game for how weird and interesting it was. It said to run down to the gas station at the end of the road, but I think I went the wrong way as the only thing to embrace me was the cold death of space.

The perfect game doesn't exi-.......


I played the game, saw Lancer make that sexy face, took a screenshot, and now it's my profile lol

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All I can say is wow... what a game this is! I thought the concept was terrific and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of LeBron as being the Christmas ghost. I sadly was unable to finish the game (because I didn't realise that you could run and  think LeBron may have cheated in some cases) but had a great time playing it regardless! Thanks for creating this quick but awesome game, here's my playthrough if your interested to see how I went!

The downside is after each death I couldn't actually click any buttons, and had to dig into my filepath to get the game to launch. That being said, for your first time doing 3D I thought you did great and it was a lot of fun to play (sans having to relaunch the game each death). I feel like the actual goal could be presented a little more clearly but other than that I am thankful it exists and I got to play it. Grats.

How do you Extract the game file

You need to drag the folder from archive to any folder you like 

ok thank you, but does this work for windows 10🐢

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It should. I made this and tested on windows 10 so it probably should be ok

Click for Sprite Cranberry

Right click and click Extract files if you have 7Zip or WinRar obviously 

oh gosh i got spooked should i make a vid?

Yes, always :P

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I honestly unironically kinda liked it. I will spend some time rating the meme itself. The meme is trash because it is overused and used by a lot of normies in an "Hello fellow kids"! way.  But this meme is extremely wholesome. There are no ironic and edgy punchlines, this meme looks like an 2010 meme because of wholesomeness. That makes it just awesome. Now back to the game. It wasn't good or bad. It was ok, the lebron model was kinda funny and bad at the same time so nothing that bad. The game is better then most of the games because i literally saw one time somebody uploaded a picture of a duck to this website. I recommend you to make more original models and try making cutscenes and dialogue and chase scenes. So, 6.7/10. Don't get me wrong. For a meme this is an awesome game but overall it's ok.

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Thanks for your attention! It was sort of me testing my strengths in 3d games for the first time and I'm very happy with the result of it all. I wanted to add and polish some things after the jam ends but for now thank you for trying it and your review!

Hi, Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Hi, and thanks for making a video and giving my game a look! 

No Problem, Wanna Sprite Cranberry?

The answer is clear

Am I the only one struggling to download it? I hit download and when it finishes it comes out as a microsoft word document

Nice game. You may wanna do something that keeps people in the house a little longer. 

Hey Norboo, I am a starting youtuber and I was wondering if I could do a lets play/reaction video of this game.

Yeah why not

thanks dude.

Hilarious meme game with a nice Christmas setting mad respect to the ledges that keep making these silly games

really fun game liked it a lot got some good laughs out of it cant wait for more games from you!!

Giving the average quality of my games I'm not sure if it is a good idea :D Thanks anyways!

your welcome!!

I really couldn't take it seriously so thanks for making me laugh buddy!

Thanks for playing! Glad it turned out fun

fun game for a meme! loved it

Thanks for playing!

Tis the season for a Sprite Cranberry? awesome game BTW

Thanks for giving it a look! It really means a lot

no problem

it's great!  I love it!  Very well done.  I did run into a couple glitches though 


Thank you very much for your attention! I made it in a bit of rush and missed a lot of bugs and glitches. Sorry! I'm not sure if fixing them now is against the rules of the jam though.

it's all good! I understand.  I figured you might want to polish it up after the jam though and re release it.  You legit have the makings of something really neat here.

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HAHA love the jumpscares. dislike horror games but this wasn't too muc

Nice game but its way too short bro )) I like the concept

Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, it turned out way too short even for a jam frankly.

Please update it or make a new game like that its really fun to play this cool game :)

YESSSS!!!! So good!

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Omg someone making a gameplay of my abomination of a game is something I didn't ever dream of. Thanks!

I loved it! I thought it was funny and well done! I love that you added the Grinch in there too!

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