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i can't even play it. It just keeps freesing

HeLp Me MaH dUdE i CaNt DoWnLoAd It FoR gOd SaK

im trying to come into contact with you i wanna know if im able to use your 3d model of lebron james i wanna use it in pac3 gmod but i need a 3d model

i cant download it

what do i use to open i

how do i use the fanta

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I am only here because of CoryxKenshin

yeah me too

I Really Like This Game Alot The Graphics Lag A Bit Now An Then But There is A Big Problem, every time i start the game lebron teleport instead of walking and it makes me confused if you  know how to fix it plz do that


Can anybody else not download it on windows? Or can you and I'm just having troubles?

i downloaded it 2 days ago and nothing went wrong

Great job, i love it

its downloading yeeeeeee

okay alost done


why doesn`t it work on mac?



And I meant coryxkenshin

I watched my fav yt Cory lens gin and when he played it the man was freaking bald I’m like what happened Lebron did yo take a trip to baldi school and ask for baldi hair cut

thirstiest time of the year


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even tho i did beat it i just want to bash lebron james face with fanta again

So...when I open it up in WinRAR, how the HELL do I open the ****ing game?

make it for mac please??? pleeeaaase?? or not? :( that makes me saaaad!!!


how download the game?

are you fucking blind is right over there


Press E to open doors.

i cant play it because it has a .rar file and i dont have that


use winrar

Me too

i cant download it until i free up space and thats not working ; . ;

I love this game its amazing even tho its short

Really good game, only issue is for me it is very laggy on windows. I try to turn and it turns very slowly with a lot of smudges?

how do you play

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I challenge all to beat my wr speedrun, 44.65 seconds :)

(timed from start of game after loading until the start of the text appearing as you reach the gas station)

The greatest game of all time! I know you said you wouldn't, but you really should keep working on the game.

i want to play it I really hate it

i cant play it fsr

WaNt A sPrItE cRaNbErRy? This was a very fun little indie horror game! A lil buggy but that's what made the game a little fun! 

love it

Can you make this game for android devices. Oh i forgot to say I BEG U


pls tell me how I play this game

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