A downloadable game for Windows

As the New Year is approaches and the air thickens with Christmas spirit

The Evil Ghost awakens

And he has just ONE query

"Wanna sprite cranberry?"


Ranked 1st in "BEST GAME by Host's choice" of the "Scream Season" jam of 2018


Oh yes, this one was tough. My first 3D game I actually built! It's rather a silly joke than a game but I decided that it might fit into the theme. Sorry if not! 

Q:  What? Why?

A: The answer is clear

TagsChristmas, Horror, Unity


ThirstiestTimeOfTheYear_0.0.4.rar 123 MB

Development log


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ok so the game dosent run at 20 fps. it runs at 35.but the mouse is also really weird. im still gonna fix it 

or maybe im just hating on this game and i probably have a bad file in the game folder

i unistalled a random program and got 20 more fps on every game except this game and one other. idk why this game just cant run. i even tried my other gaming laptop and it still was the same. anybody whos playing with fps issues. dont be surprised


well.you just lost one follower norboo: this game is SO unoptimized. you need a $10000 dollar setup to run it

team fortress 2: 295 fps on max settings.  Thirstiest time of the year max settings: 23 fps: help me

how do I download it

click on download. and go to rarlab to download winrar and extract it. if the game lags that normal.this game has more bugs than free online games

there is so many bugs in this game. im on a gaming laptop that has amazing specs. and it can t run. fix the bugs. lebron chases you when he falls. theres humungus frame drops. the game is a mess. fix it.

ThirstiestTimeOfTheYear STILL CHILLL


Try to find FAK awjkmdfnsaoifkmawoijkdnawdijkmnawl;ioklfakfakawjdmnad did you found it?

fun times while lebron james tries to kill me and i throw fanta and give him concussion.



fix your fucking computer then

im on a gaming laptop jackass

no im not a jackass im a fuckass


*amazing game dude!


Download The App To Download And Extract The Files https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm That's How You Extract The Files...

shut the fuck up scammer who puts virus in your computer

When You Join In If Its Laggy re install the games then when you join in and it shows your frames and quality put your frames to MEDIUM OR SLOW if u have a lower pc because it always automatically starts your frames with ultimate quality on...

To Play You First Go To WinRAR type it in in your browser than click at the top WinRAR and download it for your pc or mac if your on windows click 64 bit windows if on mac click at the bottom mac then click download when you download then you can install this game and extract its files to play IM sorry all of you guys have not been able to download this game but now you know Yes I am a developer...

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also please like and subscribe the video. i dont have and subs or likes

super fun and creative game but really short. a bit laggy. when i pass the christmas tree when i see lebron. i lag. and when i go to the gas station.just.please make the game longer and fix bugs.also lebron slides when you hit him with fanta. and also i present to you my gameplay. the video dosent lag. but the acutal gameplay did. so enjoy my short af gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW1haI7XYWQ

love it

Made another video for ya, may have to make it an annual thing xD

Weird and fun

Decided to make a video on this. I do not do well with any type of jump scares so it was fun. Small game but a lot of fun. Subscribe if you want to see more of this type of content...


this game fun as heck

its too laggy

ik right

I downloasd it it said to make an account i did so i downloaded it again and it wouldnt wor

How do I get in

download winrar then this game


cool game 

how am i suppost to download i dowloaded twice and dont see it

just download it


QLol 😂 I haven’t  Play this yet but I seen YouTube videos of this and it’s a cool game and scary 


tony_reeder@yahoo.com Hi, I’m wanting to make a fan film for this game. Who do I talk to about this?

super laggy game but funny 

Interesting game about a meme I didn't know about.

please fix the glith where he stills run to you even when he is down

Surprisingly scary lol I wish it was a longer game! 

hi, how do you open doors in the game? my only problem with the game so far are the controls.

If I remember, because for reason it took me a few tries to figure it out, E interacts with the world from doors to the Fanta

thank you so much, it worked!


I don't really have many complaints. The graphics are ok, but at some points, especially when you try attacking Lebron, it glitches, and even when he's down he keeps running at you, but at a faster speed. The mechanics are also pretty okay but they can be laggy as well. Overall a decent game but you just have some things to fix.

hello. i'm having a hard time with the control keys. i've tried for awhile to open the door in the room where i start but none of the control keys are reacting. i tried to assign my own keys and it was still not working. am i missing something or doing something wrong? pleae let me know!

im on a really good pc and this lags super bad. plz help i just want to play this

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