A downloadable game for Windows

As the New Year is approaches and the air thickens with Christmas spirit

The Evil Ghost awakens

And he has just ONE query

"Wanna sprite cranberry?"


Ranked 1st in "BEST GAME by Host's choice" of the "Scream Season" jam of 2018


Oh yes, this one was tough. My first 3D game I actually built! It's rather a silly joke than a game but I decided that it might fit into the theme. Sorry if not! 

Q:  What? Why?

A: The answer is clear

TagsChristmas, Horror, Unity


ThirstiestTimeOfTheYear_0.0.4.rar 123 MB

Development log


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you should make a new one and make it longer for this cristmas

When I try to play it only shows a gray screen

how u play it 


how do i play it       it won't download


love i

Check it out plz

look at this face... it gets crazy...

why does it not work on mac?

I played this last year so why wouldn't I want to play it again?!

I scared the hell out of my sister when I playedthe video 


how do i play


how do I play

Wanna Sprite Cranberry!!!????

let me play this game

Here's me playing the game... 10/10 would rec


where do i get to game


how do I play the game on a iPhone

you cant


How can I play this games 

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By downloading it and running the application but you will need WinRAR or 7zip. Something that can open rar files, because the application is packed.

Very fun short horror game! I wish there would have been more, but hey, at least that we got, right! Enjoy this gameplay I recorded!

Can you Send me the lebron james 3d model please

ThiRsTiest TImE

i can't even play it. It just keeps freesing


HeLp Me MaH dUdE i CaNt DoWnLoAd It FoR gOd SaK

If you have Windows 8 or higher, Download RAR Opener

im trying to come into contact with you i wanna know if im able to use your 3d model of lebron james i wanna use it in pac3 gmod but i need a 3d model

i cant download it

what do i use to open i


how do i use the fanta

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I am only here because of CoryxKenshin

yeah me too


I Really Like This Game Alot The Graphics Lag A Bit Now An Then But There is A Big Problem, every time i start the game lebron teleport instead of walking and it makes me confused if you  know how to fix it plz do that


Can anybody else not download it on windows? Or can you and I'm just having troubles?

i downloaded it 2 days ago and nothing went wrong

Great job, i love it

its downloading yeeeeeee

okay alost done


why doesn`t it work on mac?



And I meant coryxkenshin

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