A downloadable game for Windows

---Made in 3 days for "JamGoJam | JamDna 1" game Jam---

First experience in platformers. It's a funky flower that just wants his funky beats back. 

Thanks JamGoJam for the host!

Music, sound by 'Epidemic Sound' and 'Freesound'. 

Used graphic assets by 'BayatGames (Asset Store)', 'Tilesets by Kenney Vleugels (www.kenney.nl)' and 'Vecteezy.com'

GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, funk


FATSF.zip 29 MB


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the sprite cranberry game you made is slow on my gaming pc

The graphics and character design was great. But the engine and the game is just so simple and not that interesting to play, controls are hard to control. For a game jam, this is amazing in everything. You made the sprite cranberry game so i expect a lot more games from you.

I wasn't able to get this to run,  when I started the application nothing happened.  Something was running, but no display showed up. I tried a few times.

It's weird. I tested the build on PC and laptop but couldn't replicate. Will test it again, thanks!

Could be my PC, I will try again tonight.

your all games are awesome! thanks for the review and make sure to keep it up with the great work!